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What is Windows Live?

Windows Live is an important new announcement at Microsoft.   Windows Live is a series of web portals and downloadable applications that do an incredible job for the various aspects of a user’s life.

Try them out at:
Windows Live Ideas  (List of available products)   Click here
Windows Live.Com                                          Click here
Windows Live Safety Center                             Click here
Windows Live! Mail (Beta)                                Click here

Why is this cool?
You must play with Windows Live to see what makes it amazing.  The Windows Live Safety Center is one example.  This Safety Center is about providing virus-scanning and malware removal software — FOR FREE.  Small and respectful ads pay for the service, see below.

Is this a big deal?
YES!!!  In 1995 Microsoft decided to start making internet software in a big way.  The result was Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Outlook, NetMeeting, Messenger, Windows Media Player, etc. and the internet has never been the same.

Now in 2005 Windows Live is our crisp and clear strategy for the next wave of what the internet can bring you.

Now what do I now?
Several Windows Live services are available now.  Sign up for invitations for any not yet available by clicking on Sign up on   The earlier you sign up, the better.

I’ve been using Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail (previously Hotmail), and others here at work and they are amazing.  You definitely don’t want to miss out.

You can read more at the Blog for Windows Live Messenger.

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