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This article is a good status of the kinds of security attacks happening in 2005.

Security is very important for the Outlook Express team and a high priority when we pick features.

OE Security improvements in XP SP2:

  • AES: Security Checks when launching attachments found in email.   Details: UI and technical.
  • Blocked External Images/Content: This gives users privacy when they read email.  The sender can’t use URLs that allow him/her to find out if and when the receiver read the message.
  • HTML Security: We disabled various features of HTML that aren’t used in normal emails, IFRAMEs for example.
  • Code Hardening: We made a security pass to improve Defense in Depth (See Writing Secure Codestrsafe.h, TMAs, and Microsoft Trustworthy Computing)

Windows Mail Security improvements in Windows Vista betas (as of 1/1/2006):

  • Spam Filter: Outlook Express now includes the same spam filtering engine as is used by Hotmail and Outlook.
  • Code Hardening: As part of Trustworthy Computer, Microsoft has built a large set of tools to analyze code for ways to add additional layers of security and harden code.  Security has been a big focus across Vista.

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