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Yahoo had their analyst day which covered their strategy.

Read/WriteWeb posted about the event here, which I’ve summarized below.

Yahoo’s Big Bets for the Next 5 Years
1. Next Generation Experience –> a.k.a. a customer focus, the user experience
2. Monetization
3. Platforms
4. Beyond the Browser – a particular focus on Yahoo Go and mobile (see slide 51, which states Yahoo has a “Mobile Leadership Position”)

Media Group priorities
2006 Priorities: Create Superior User Experience

  • Build robust platforms
  • Develop key strategic relationships
  • Maximize user generated content
  • Build core brand extensions

Here are some of the interesting slides:

China and the rest of Asia will have incredible growth over the next 5 years.  It will be interesting to see the internet be less US focused.

Full Size Here

The following are powerful constructs for internet companies: Content, Personalization (high relevance), search, and community.  This maps those four techniques to industries categories: Info/Entertainment, Communications, Commerce, and Search.   General products or Yahoo products are listed that addresses the intersection of each area.  The photos wouldn’t need to be categorized because someone could link a latitude/longitude and time/date to an event.  Some new cameras will store the time and lat/long with the photo.

Full Size Here

The Long-Tail of user generated content will have an amazing impact over the next 10 years.  People want information/content highly relevant to their life.  The long-tail provides that.  Imagine a day when digital cameras can use wifi to send a picture to the internet within minutes of taking it.  After permission is granted for them to be viewed publicly, other internet users could categorize and rate them.  Any important event could have many pictures available almost immediately because of this communal effect.  In this example, a person could search for “immigrant, parade, daywithoutimmigrants” and find ALL of the newest photos about that event. It’s like having access to many eyeballs that attended the event.

Full Size Here

Here are the steps in advertising.  Start with user’s general interest and continue to educate them and focus them towards a purchase decision.

Full Size Here

Here is an estimate of the increase and decrease of different media types.

Full Size Here

Here is the complete 188-page slide deck.

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