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I’m attending gnomedex for the first time and it is very eye opening.

Marc Canter from PeopleAggregator is pushing hard to unify services, which I’ll discuss in my next blog post.

One technology that already exists is the RSS Feedstore that IE7 will install on Windows XP.  (It is included in Windows Vista)  This will allow any application to read and write the feed list and read/unread state of each blog post.

A shared feed store is useful to bring together RSS clients.  Currently IE7, Windows Live Mail Desktop, the sidebar, and the next version of Outlook will use the feedstore.  Many more Microsoft products will use it in the future.

I talked to one medium sized company at gnomdex and I asked if they would find value in synchronizing with the feedstore.  Their response was “maybe just export”, which I can understand when they are worried about their business model.  Export is a good start, but I think down the road they will see that two way synchronization will bring real value to their customers and won’t be the lynch pin to their business model.

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