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Startup School is an interesting source of data.  The links on this site are broken so here are a version with fixed links.


  • Langley Steinert: TripAdvisor Journey, Lessons Learned: Slides, MP3
  • Hutch Fishman: Startup Finance: Slides, MP3
  • Dave Cavanaugh: Intellectual Property for Start-Ups: Slides, MP3
  • Michael Mandel: Economics for Startups: No slides, MP3
  • Mark Macenka: The Great Value of Avoided Mistakes: Slides, MP3
  • Stan Reiss: What’s VC All About?  Slides, MP3
  • Stephen Wolfram: On Starting A Long-Term Company: Slides, MP3
  • Olin Shivers: A Random Walk Through Startup Space: Slides, MP3
  • SFP: What We Did this Summer:  No slides, MP3
  • Marc Hedlund:  Slides, No MP3
  • Paul Graham: Ideas for Startups: Slides, MP3
  • Steve Wozniak: The Early Days of Apple: No slides, MP3
  • Qi Lu: Yahoo! and Startups: No slides, MP3


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