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Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN) is an amazing resource for the entrepreneurs in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.

NWEN is a non-profit organization for Angel investors and entrepreneurs.  The main event is the monthly breakfast in Bellevue which starts with time for entrepreneurs and others to network.  Breakfast is then served while one entrepreneur pitches their business idea to raise angel money.

After that, a successful CEO, VC, or similarly person gives a talk on a subject.  This coming friday (10/13/2006) Mike O’Donnell will give a talk on strategies for starting and building successful companies.  He has raised over $50 million for new ventures.   He founded several companies, including iCopyright which he later sold.

Previous breakfasts included Redfin CEO and Zillow CEO (who previously was the CEO of Expedia).

Each breakfast is $25 for members and $40 for non-members.  More information is available here.

Pub Night:
NWEN also hosts “Pub Night”.  This includes more opportunities for entrepreneurs to talk to each other.  It’s also a great chance to talk to other smart people.  Examples of really smart people who I had a chance to talk to included Joe Whitford of Davis Wright Tramaine and Alan Mattamana of Polaris Ventures.

NWEN also hosts classes for entrepreneurs to learn topics that will impact them.  Entrepreneurs who don’t have an MBA can use these classes to learn the topics that will impact them.


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