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I recently attended a Keiretsu deal screening meeting.  This is where entrepreneurs pitch their company to a group angel investors to receive funding.

Many entrepreneurs wonder what kind of information VCs or Angel groups need in order to fund a company.  The entrepreneur often needs to keep their pitch to 20 minutes for VCs and 10 minutes for angels.  For that reason, it is vital that the pitch be focused and include all vital information.

Here is a slide deck that covers the data entrepreneurs need to include in their VC or Angel pitches.

Full DeckWeb Version

Ron Wiener is the CEO of DocumentCommand.  He has created a series of internet start-ups, many of which were eventually acquired.  He has given a talk and has a slide deck on how being a CEO is very similar to flying.  The slide deck below points out the critical tasks for an CEO to successfully grow this company.

Full DeckWeb Version

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