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I previously used Windows Live Spaces for my blog. I’ve decided to switch to TypePad. Windows Live Spaces is a great turn-key blog. I’m switching to TypePad because it’s a bit more advanced and gives a much more professional blog.

My new TypePad blog is:

Windows Live Spaces Advantages:

* Messenger Gleams / ContactCards: The gleam feature in Windows Live Messenger is great. Your friends love to hear when something new is happening with you, and this brings it to their attention.  [CRITICAL]
* Faster to get started: There are few easier blog services that let you get started more quickly. It’s great for novice users.  [CRITICAL]
* Live Friends: Windows Live Spaces has turned into a simple social network. I think this feature is better than TypePad equivalents.  [NICE]
* Better Photo Support: I love the photo viewer. It has many limitations but it’s better than TypePad.   [NICE]

TypePad Advantages:

* Blog Promotion: They have features and integration that will drive more traffic to your blog.  [CRITICAL]
* Domain Name: I have for my new blog.  [CRITICAL]
* CSS & Design Customization: I want to customize the design and make it professional. I also want to optimize for wider than 800×600.  [CRITICAL]
* Professional Fonts: The default fonts make TypePad appear more professional.  [CRITICAL]
* Comment Control: Anyone who spends 3 hours hand deleting spam comments knows how important this is.  [CRITICAL]
* Subscribe per Service: Many people use different types of readers. Having a simple “Click to Add” will increase readers.  [CRITICAL]
* Professional Widgets: The TypePad widgets are more customized for professional blogs.  [NICE]
* Less bugs: I’ve been bitten by bugs every so often on Windows Live Spaces. I’ve hit 3 bugs composing this blog post alone and it leaves me very frustrated.  [MEANINGFUL]

I will make all new posts on both blogs. There is one KILLER feature that Windows Live Spaces has that prevents me from only using TypePad — and that is the gleams that appear in Windows Live Messenger and on other Spaces pages that light up when changes happen. This tells your friends when to visit your site.

In the end, I’ve decided to pay to receive the features I needed.


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