Seattle Tech Startups Meeting

This coming Tuesday (12/5/2006) is the Seattle Tech Startups meeting (link here).  This is a meeting for founders and other people interested in internet start-ups.

Most of the people who come are ex-Amazon, ex-Microsoft, ex-RealNetworks developers.  The talks include everything from funding to technical issues with growing your internet start-up.

In this Tuesday’s meeting, I’ll give a talk on growing a company from the founding stage through launch and post-launch.

Where: Seattle Public Library, Capitol Hill branch, upstairs meeting room.
When: 6pm – 7:45pm

Last month Dennis Lee (VP of Technical Operations at MarchEx) gave a talk on the operations side of running a company.

Gaurav Oberoi from started the Seattle Tech Startups meetings.  Another good blog for the Seattle Startup environment are Bill Monk’s blog and Andy Sack’s blog A Sack of Seattle.

Another up coming event is Seattle Ignite.


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