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PR is very important for the launch plan for internet startups.  Every month, a group of founders of internet startups get together here in Seattle to discuss issues we all face at Seattle Tech Startups

I’m bringing together a speaker and a panel of PR experts that specialize in working with internet startups during their launch.  The meeting will be on February 22nd.

I will facilitate the panel discussion. 



Forecki is founder and president of VOXUS PR, a fast growing boutique
targeting emerging high tech companies.  Paul has over 15 years of
in launching and building campaigns for 120+ companies, from
startups to high-growth venture-fueled rockets to global,
publicly traded
market leaders.  More information is available at


Panelists include Paul Forecki and Deanna Leung.


Leung has over 15 years of corporate marketing experience and is a
partner at
Buzz Builders, a boutique PR firm that specializes in early stage
Prior to Buzz Builders, Deanna was the marketing director at
Aventail, where
she defined a new product category and positioned the
company as an industry
leader with positive analyst recommendations,
extensive press coverage, and
more than 22 major industry awards. In the
early-90’s, she drove the PR
initiatives at SPRY with the successful
introduction of Internet In A Box and
later at CompuServe launching their
Internet service business,

I may
have more people on the panel discussion.

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