Kaneva = SecondLife + MySpace

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Kaneva is one of the most amazing companies I’ve seen recently.  Kaneva is like SecondLife combined with MySpace.

It creates a social network like MySpace.  It lets users go into a SecondLife like environment when they want to get more involved.  It then allows the user’s photo and video content inside of that 3-D environment.

In hindsight it is an obvious idea.  Congratulations to the Kaneva guys.

This is a great video that explains Kaneva:  http://www.kaneva.com/channel/crad30.people

It will be very difficult for them to be as good as MySpace + Flickr + YouTube + SecondLife.  However allowing users to bridge between each is a powerful advantage.  I think long-term, each of the individual services will either need to compete, integrate, or loose to a service like Kaneva.

It is currently invite only to use Kaneva.  You can email me or post your email address in the comments if you want to receive an invite.


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