Linux Development Radically Increasing

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A great article came out with the title “Are top Linux developers losing the will to code?”.  I think the title is 100% incorrect — the truth is that Linux development is radically increasing.

Kernel release 2.6.11 of March 2005 had 475 developers, and the
upcoming 2.6.22 release this month has 920 developers, Kroah-Hartman

Previously the top 20 developers wrote 80% of the code.  Now the top 30 developers write 30% of the code.  The shift is that there was a large increase in the long-tail of developers writing code for the linux kernel.

This forced the top developers into code review and management mode simply to keep up with this large rate of development.

A 100% increase in the number of developers on Linux over one or two years period is significant.  This is all focused on the kernel and it will help the kernel.  This is definitely significant at the kernel level.  I wonder what is happening in the GUI and other parts of Linux.

The full article is here.

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