Great Startups: WetPaint Wiki, Blist, Zillow, RedFin

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I wanted to post about a few startups that I love to use in town.  (Other than our own)



WetPaint has to be the easiest way to create a free website.  With just a few clicks, it will create a group of wiki pages that let the owner and their friends quickly type in the website contents.  This is as easy as using Microsoft Word.

Here is an example, the Seattle Lunch 2.0 meetings are coordinated on a WetPaint wiki page as seen here.  That makes it trivial to update, and subscribe to changes.



They are a well known place to easily get an estimate on your house’s estimated market value at going market rates.

They can be used as a realtor and end up saving around $10k in fees for Sellers.  Buyers also save thousands.  If you are selling your house, you must catch up with what they are doing.

Blist: is a place to store lists.  They are much more powerful than excel because of the features to make working with lists is much more natural than a generic spreadsheet.


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