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This video is definitely worth watching.

One thing Microsoft can do very well is pull in the future directions across all of the product teams, and paint a picture of what is likely to happen in 2019.

Here are a few points worth calling out:
  • Your cell phone (or mobile device) could be your “key”.  It doesn’t have to carry all of your information, but merely “unlock” your information.
  • You could walk up to a “surfaces” (walls in a room, computer screens, etc.) that can act as a computer monitor
  • Your mobile device would take over the screen and “unlock” your private information to be viewable there, until you walk away.
  • This prevents having to sign-in, transfer information around, and allows the benefit of large viewing areas.
  • Having all of your photos, email, news updates, and everything else available anywhere within 2 seconds would be nice.  All of it tailored specifically for you.
  • Geeks worldwide (myself included) have always been fascinated by a StarTrek type of teleporter.  The power to interact with new places can feed the imagination.
  • The use of large wall sized monitors with video cameras can enable remote conferencing that could feel like a teleporter.  A school kid in Atlanta Georgia can talk to someone in Osaka Japan and feel like they are 10 feet away.

The wonderful thing is that all it takes to make this a reality is writing more software.  (And moderate hardware refinements)

This is the area that Michael Marlett loves to cover in his Cloud Recruiting blog.
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