Phone Sales Strategies for new Startups

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Seattle Tech Startups is a local group that helps advise new startups on how to get started. I gave a beginner talk there recently for the earliest stage companies. This was specific to phone sales, known as “inside sales”.

My talk was on:

  • Is the best sales strategy for your specific company a) phone sales or b) eCommerce
  • How to build out phone sales in a newly founded company
  • How to manage long-term growth in an inside sales company

Here are the slides for the talk:

Phone sales / Inside Sales for Startups

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from Bryan Starbuck.

Here is the video for the talk: (My talk starts 24 minutes into this video)

There is much more information verbally in the talk than in the slides.

Kabir Shahani was nice enough to also make his slides available.

10 Immutable Laws Of Sales

View more presentations from Bryan Starbuck.

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