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Shally Steckerl and I co-authored this 17 page whitepaper on semantic search to make understanding semantic search for the recruiting industry easy to understand.

The whitepaper focuses on how to achieve sourcing candidates for better than is possible with Boolean search by using Semantic Search that is taylored for the recruiting industry.    

Semantic Search is about accomplishing the first pass at QUALIFYING candidates against a job opening (requisition). 

The TalentSpring product for example enables spanning 120 million resumes (across Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Dice, niche job boards, open web, etc.).  It can then efficiently find the best resumes almost immediately from those 120 million.

Semantic Search for Recruiting Whitepaper

Semantic Search for Recruiting

Semantic Search for Recruiting Whitepaper

Whitepaper Co-authored by:
Shally Steckerl
Shally Steckerl
VP at Arbita

Bryan Starbuck
Bryan Starbuck
CEO of TalentSpring, Inc.

We also have videos that illustrate various aspects of Semantic search for recruiting.

Video #1:

Video #2:


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