How TalentSpring achieved “Product/Market Fit”

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We created our high tech company, TalentSpring, with a vision, “Deliver products to recruiters that they LOVE using and that gets POSITIONS FILLED.”.   A recruiter filling positions for white collar positions is a very challenging task because all of the candidates filling the interview need to match exacting requirements from the hiring manager, they need to be strong performers and they need to match the company culture.


As our employees build the product to achieve “product/market fit” — the approach we used was to focus on “end-to-end success”.   In our case, this was making sure that our product filled positions for employers at more efficient rates than anything else they could use.


We recently sent out a quick request asking our customers about their successes.   Our company had a little celebration internally after we were delighted by the number and the amazing things our customers said.


We achieved our “Product/Market fit” by:

a) Talking with customers each month on the phone and listening to their needs

b) Iterating on the product

c) Attending industry conferences and talking to the leaders in the recruiting industry.  We would pull out high leverage ways to get positions filled (each of which often took months to build).



Note: We have Future 500 customers but most of them aren’t allowed to use their company name.  I love the recruiter who filled 20 positions with TalentSpring!!! (from a single recruiter)



Jeff Tudas, Recruiter, Information Control Corporation

“I have really enjoyed using TalentSpring.  It has revolutionized the way I source for candidates.  The combination of advanced searching and across the board results is the most efficient tool in the industry.”


Ken Winters, CEO of Staffback

“TalentSpring is an innovative new technology that provides exactly the type of economies of scale Staffback clients expect as part of our cost effective hiring solution.  We are pleased to be in a long term agreement with TalentSpring and are committed to providing this value added service to Staffback clients without any increase in our flat hourly rates.  The new economy demands using technology to make process improvements without increasing overhead, and TalentSpring has been one of our key advances in 2009.”


Bill Crago, President, The Executive group

“We have found that Talent Spring has been one of the best purchases on any new products we acquired in 2010.  Our recruiting firm has over 25 years in service to our region and we constantly need a good talent pool that can be quickly sourced.  We have found the ease and flexibility where additional talent sources can be added or taken away independently from the internal source pool built in to the network.   It will remain one of our mainstay investments.”


Dan Staggs, Managing Partner, iMatch Technical Services

“TalentSpring has allowed our recruiters to find valuable candidates faster than they could previously and has been a critical tool for success.”


Learn how the product delivers these results in the Whitepaper:   Semantic Search for Recruiting Whitepaper


Matt Schreyer, President, Instigate, Inc.

“TalentSpring has greatly reduced our recruiting team’s time-to-source and at the same time improved the overall talent pools for each recruitment effort.”


Jason Wilde, Owner, JWilde & Associates

“TalentSpring makes finding qualified candidates quicker which frees us up to focus on matching and recruiting.  In addition, the TalentSpring interface makes it easy to organize search terms and candidate lists and rewards when set up thoughtfully.”


Doug Sprague, Principle, Priority Solutions

“I have been working with Kevin for over a year now. He was low key and yet very focused on our needs. As a recruiter it can be difficult to find quality fits and TalentSpring really helps speed up that process. There system is clean and easy to use and gives me access in one spot to many excellent resources. A true time saver.”


Amy L Dewey, Recruiter, OCE North America Document Printing Systems

“TalentSpring enables Recruiters to focus more time on recruiting and less time on sourcing. The system offers flexibility to source job boards and databases all with one click. You set the criteria and the system does all of the work!”


Walt Youngblood, Corporate Recruiter, RTUI

“We have a need; a need, for speed! Managing large numbers of multiple Job Board resumes for several dozen Field Managers nationwide, had become next to impossible. TalentSpring provided us multiple resume database search aggregation, precision and organization; cost effectively! Our positive TalentSpring results were immediate and dramatic. The TalentSpring Customer Service and Training Team made transition to TalentSpring Semantic Search successful, quickly.  Now, we can provide almost instant zip code specific, semantically ranked and fully qualified candidate results to our Field Management, on demand. We just cannot achieve the same level of recruiting success for our Management…without TalentSpring! We highly recommend this excellent tool and look forward to many more excellent improvements to this indispensible product soon!”


Learn how the product delivers these results in the Whitepaper:  Semantic Search for Recruiting Whitepaper 


Steve Ahlquist, Director of Staffing, Dynamics Research Corporation:

“What the recruiting team at DRC likes about TalentSpring are the multiple job board and social networking sources that are captured from each search string entered.  This saves a considerable amount of time in finding qualified candidates.”


Ron Bloch, Senior Recruiter, Dynamics Research Corporation

“One of the reasons I like to use TalentSpring is the ability to easily create a database of candidates from LinkedIn”, “TalentSpring keeps evolving and yielding better results, e.g., through semantic search.” “ TalentSpring creates a targeted database of qualified professionals, including passive or explorers,  whom I can reach out to .”


Randy Marsh, Talent Acquisition Specialist, StaffBack

“Conduct multiple job board search assignments with one click of the mouse”


Walt Youngblood, Corporate Recruiter, RTUI

“TalentSpring helped RTUI hire one high-profile South Florida Sales Professional in one hour ~ flat; Start-to-Finish.”


Learn how the product delivers these results in the Whitepaper:  Semantic Search for Recruiting Whitepaper 


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