Bryan runs WHITEHAT ENGINEERING, a software engineering firm that acts as the inside engineering team of a startup.  The focus is to build the company from the earliest stages through launch, and then working month-to-month to build traction and revenue growth.

Bryan was formerly the founder and CEO of SPARKON is for teenagers to discover and pursue their interests and life’s passion. SPARKON creates a visualization of the teenager’s future. It then has videos for the teens to pursue everything they are interested in currently, as well as everything they are interested in around building their best future self. Parents love it because every video contains real learning towards building something important in the teenagers future. SPARKON is the ultimate building system to build 5th to 12th graders into their best future self. The secret is teenagers driven by what they are passionate about. 

Bryan was the founder and CEO of TalentSpring, Inc. until its acquisition in 2010. He was Formerly the VP of Product Management at Talent Technologies. Bryan’s passion is creating a vision to bring significant change to a big market, and then building out the team to turn the vision into a profitable company. Bryan focuses on getting an innovative strategic advantage, and then focusing on execution and operational execution to build a disciplined company. Specialties: Leadership, Marketing in internet companies, Ruby on rails, Product Management, SaaS, building/growing software companies, engineering, product UI design, machine learning, data mining, semantic search, online marketing, branding, enterprise sales, web services, entrepreneurship, recruiting industry.

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