Guy Kawasaki on Distribution

Guy Kawasaki hosted the Startups 2006 Panel which discussed important issues to creating innovative internet companies. I found distribution to be an especially interesting topic.  See details in my blog post below.  Guy just blogged giving his thoughts on the subject. -Bryan Tags: [Guy Kawasaki, Churchill Club, Startups, Reid Hoffman, Distribution]

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Start-up School (With Fixed Links)

Startup School is an interesting source of data.  The links on this site are broken so here are a version with fixed links. Presentations: Langley Steinert: TripAdvisor Journey, Lessons Learned: Slides, MP3 Hutch Fishman: Startup Finance: Slides, MP3 Dave Cavanaugh: Intellectual Property for Start-Ups: Slides, MP3 Michael Mandel: Economics for Startups: No slides, MP3 Mark […]

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Distribution, Distribution, Distribution

Guy Kawasaki posted a video from the Churchill Club’s annual look at startups.  It’s a good look at the issues start-ups need to handle as they try to turn their idea and turn it into a product and a company. Reid Hoffman made an important point that Distribution is a critical factor to success.  The […]

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Unifying Address Books

At Gnomedex, Marc Canter explained his work on PeopleAggregator, which is a platform to enable interop between social networks. The problem today is that very few people reply on a computer based address book because no one address book includes all of their contacts.  The lesson is that an address book won’t be replied upon […]

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