The Four Steps to the Epiphany

The book “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” is a great technique when building companies to use customer feedback before launch to iterate and improve the business model from day one. Here is the talk from Steve Blank:   The Four Steps to the Epiphany book is here.   Steve Bank’s blog is also great.

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Qwest Blocks ports of their Customers

Our building at work uses Qwest for internet access. Qwest is now blocking some of our ports in the 9000 and 3000 range to the internet. This blocked our engineering team from using our bug tracking software, which is a real pain. I wish ISPs would have to publish when they block their customer’s traffic […]

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Brilliant Website Design Philosophies

I’m passionate about the process of product design for website based products.   Many or most of today’s mass market products and services are now web based: Online banking, online shopping, as well as many used in the work place. Smashing Magazine has a great blog post here that lists philosophies in designing these kinds […]

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Zappos CEO’s guide to Company Growth & Happiness

I’m in a life long persuit of building and refining my philosophies in life.  This includes for my personal life and professionally (building companies, building products, success for customers, etc.). Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos has his presentation below on his philosophy.  He has wonderful ideas so I’m sharing them below… Zappos – Startup2Startup […]

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Notes from AngelConf

Steve Poland‘s blog post covering AngelConf was good enough that I wanted to post it here. My apologies for any typos, etc. These are some blurbs I made notes of from the AngelConf conference put on by Paul Graham of Y Combinator. Ron Conway “have to have a portfolio, to have hits” “it’s not fun; […]

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Recruiting is my passion

Anyone who knows me, knows that my passion is in recruiting. I have a separate blog where I cover my work in recruiting or work my company does. That blog is: Here is a good overview of our work at TalentSpring: -Bryan

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