Startups: Managing the Company & Marketing

I gave a talk at the December Seattle Tech Startups event. The talk was on: Analysing your business model, fund raising, managing a company, and how marketing is handled in a startup. The video is here: Slide Deck: Evaluating a Startup’s business model by “10x” technique View more presentations from Bryan Starbuck. Dave McClure has […]

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Entrepreneurs receiving Advisor Feedback

Seattle is a hotbed of really smart people creating companies.   It is exciting to see all of the support in Seattle to add structure to shaping an entrepreneur’s business model, market research, marketing, and other aspects of these companies. I found the following interesting pattern that is worth a blog post.  This shows how entrepreneurs […]

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Engineering Building Blocks for a Startup Company

The following are important engineering building blocks for internet companies. I’ve had a friend who has worked on Win32 applications for about 10 years and is going to an internet company.  I was telling him that these are the computer science advances that people at internet companies consider as core competencies.  They are a must […]

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