The Best Mashup: Tafiti

Newly launched Tafiit may be one of the best mashups out there.  People often talk about mashups but I haven’t been impressed with many that I have seen so far. is the only one that has impressed me.  After looking at a house, you can see photos and interesting places nearby, which comes from […]

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Linux Development Radically Increasing

A great article came out with the title “Are top Linux developers losing the will to code?”.  I think the title is 100% incorrect — the truth is that Linux development is radically increasing. Kernel release 2.6.11 of March 2005 had 475 developers, and the upcoming 2.6.22 release this month has 920 developers, Kroah-Hartman said. […]

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Guess the Price: Zenter

The MappingTheWeb blog is doing a series of posts asking to estimate the purchase price of companies when the public information is “Bought for an undisclosed amount”. Here is the blog post: That is a great idea for a series of blog posts. -Bryan

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