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TalentSpring, Inc. allows employers to select one of their job openings and go immediately to the best active and passive resumes.   TalentSpring included the resumes across Monster.com’s resume database, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Dice and scores of all of the major job boards that employers use.  Most professionals have their profile in Linked-In.com, which means that they are included in all TalentSpring searches even if they don’t have their resume in Monster.com or the other normal job boards.

TalentSpring used a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning in order to find the best job applicant for the very exacting needs of an employer’s open job position.   This is accomplished by using semantic matching algorithms and natural language processing to find resumes that match all of the criteria for a specific job opening.  TalentSpring believes recruiters must have powerful tools that gives them “1 click” access to the top 100 resumes nationwide that are both the best match to the open position, and the top quality candidates nationwide.

Bryan was the CEO and founder of TalentSpring.   TalentSpring was acquired by Talent Technology corporation (now Talemetry corporation) in 2010.

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Bryan is now the founder and CEO Empower.me which takes a 5th to 12th grader’s interest and turns it into learning that builds their career.  If a student loves video games, then they can learn real video game design or any area of real learning around how to design video games.  If the teenager is interested in learning music, then they can learn guitar or anything area of music that helps build to a great future for the teenager.  If the student is interested in art, then they can learn to paint online or learn how to sketch online.

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